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Indiana makes movies.  About 40 films have been shot there, several with sports themes–A League of Their Own, Eight Men Out, Breaking Away, Hoosiers, etc.

Wikipedia lists 24, but I know at least 25 films were made in Iowa.  State Fair, which takes place at the Iowa State Fair, has been made 3 times.  The first version in 1933 with Will Rogers was partially made in Des Moines.  Conclusion?  Wiki doesn’t include a lot of older movies.  A film I really liked, Election, was made in Iowa. It was Reese Witherspoon’s 11th film. The Field of Dreams field near Dyersville has become a tourist attraction.

Some really classic films–Unforgiven, Paper Moon, In Cold Blood–were made in Kansas but not the film most associated with it.  The Wizard of Oz was shot at the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios in Culver City, California.  Dances with Wolves did some location shooting in Kansas.

Seabiscuit and Secretariat were both made in Kentucky.  Seabiscuit scenes were shot at Lexington’s Keeneland.  To my knowledge the only film actually shot at Churchill Downs in Louisville is 2014’s 50 to 1.  Few saw it.  50 to 1 cost about $10 million to make and lost money.  Other Kentucky films–Rain Man, Goldfinger, Stripes–did far better.

Both Pitch Perfect movies were made in Louisiana!  The recently released Free State of Jones was filmed there too.  Steel Magnolias was made in Natchitoches, and the town uses that fact to attract tourists.  Well over 100 movies have been made in Louisiana thanks to New Orleans.  Appropriately enough, The Big Easy was shot there as was the recent screamer 10 Cloverfield Lane.

The Maine Film Office has a fine website with lots of info about movies made there. Surprisingly, few of the many films made from Stephen King books have been shot in his home state even though he sets many of his stories there.  I’m learning that Forrest Gump was shot in many, many places, including Maine.

Thanks to Baltimore, Maryland has been seen in many movies.  The fact that John Waters lives in Baltimore and sets his movies like Hairspray and Divine Trash there ups Maryland’s count.   I didn’t know that Broadcast News and The Blair Witch Project were filmed in Maryland.  The latter is listed among the 10 Insanely Profitable Low Budget Films on  It cost $600,000 to make and grossed $248 million.

The MA Film Office reports that 24 movies and TV shows were made in Massachusetts in 2015, including Ghostbusters 3.  

My favorite movie made in Michigan is Gran Torino, #2 is Grosse Pointe Blank, and #3 is Tucker.  The first movie made in Michigan was 1946’s This Time for Keeps made by MGM. There are more than 135 others.

Probably the most famous movie made in Minnesota is named for a city in North Dakota. Fargo is fantastic.  But wait!  Purple Rain was filmed in Minneapolis.  Grumpy Old Men?

My home state Missouri has hosted about 50 film shoots.  Three fairly recent and exceptional ones are Up in the Air, Winter’s Bone, and Gone Girl, which I blogged about.   The film shot in Missouri that embarrassed us was Escape from New York.

Montana is big but not a big movie location.   Wikipedia could only find 30. One of them is Forrest Gump.

Wikipedia lists 31 movies made in Nebraska. lists 33 because it includes some unknowns like 2015’s It Snows All the Time.  My favorite films made in Nebraska are Citizen Ruth and, well, Nebraska.

Tomorrow’s list will include the state where the fewest film have been shot.







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