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St. Louis has 3 great, new attractions that are already functioning and one on the way.   The new 3 are the Gateway Arch National Park, the Nathaniel Reid Bakery, and the already reported on “Sunken Cities” show at the St. Louis Art Museum, the best and most unique traveling exhibition in the United States.  The one on the way, the St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station, is under construction and scheduled, for now, to open in October, 2019.

July 3, 2018, was the date of the re-opening of the Gateway Arch Museum under this nations’ tallest national monument.  First opened in 1976, the museum under The Arch was once called the Museum of Westward Expansion.  It has been completely redone; but the experience , I’m glad to report, can still include the award-winning film about the building of the Arch, Monument to a Dream.  This $380,000,000 project will definitely improve a major attraction that needed refreshing.  The new museum has 6 new galleries including “Colonial St. Louis”, a tribute to what was at one time one of the most important and largest cities in the United States thanks to its location.

The Nathaniel Reid Bakery at 11243 Manchester Road is the dream-project of one of the top 10 pastry chefs in America.  Reid, a native Missourian, has returned with 15 years of experience and many honors to open his first bakery.  Tired of the nomadic, chef’s life, he and his wife Lee Lee are growing fond of their new-old community, Kirkwood.  His signature pastry, an Amber Tart, is usually available in his bakery, and I can personally recommend every cookie Reid sells.  His bakery also offers sandwiches, salads, etc.

I reported on the 5 Compass show at the St. Louis Art Museum in Forest Park called “Sunken Cities” on August 3.  Although it will close in St. Louis on September 9, 2018, it’s going to Minneapolis and will be there until next April.  I predict that this show about 2 ancient cities that have been under the Mediterranean Sea for more than 1,200 years will become a traveling blockbuster.  Only 10% of the artifacts, including the colossal Pharaoh (possibly Ptolemy II) statue above, have been brought to the surface.  While in this museum, check out the Wine Chandelier created by Dale Chihuly in 1996.  In my opinion, it needs to be moved to a more prominent place.

Ruth and I went to Union Station to check on the progress of the new aquarium.   After seeing the Grand Hall Light Show on the ceiling of the Union Station Hotel, we were assured that the $45,000,000, 125,000-square-foot aquarium is presently being built and that a giant ferris wheel is still part of the plan.  We were told that at least one aquarium tank will focus on aquatic life in the Mississippi River.



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