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The news media is trying its best to track Meghan Markle’s stay in Canada.  Most sources say she’s on Vancouver Island, but I just heard that she’s staying as a guest in a home on Salt Spring Island waiting for Harry to join her.  By a freakish coincidence, I just picked the Gulf Islands, where Salt Spring is, as one of my 3 top destinations of 2019.  I doubt if Megan’s anywhere near the place Ruth & I stayed, the excellent but not royal Spindrift Resort.

Salt Spring is the most populated of the Gulf Islands with about 11,000 inhabitants.  it’s the only island with a town, Ganges Village, that is rightfully described as a service community.  It’s full of shops, restaurants, and marinas with very few residents.  Ruth and I really enjoyed our time there, and we hope that Meghan is delighting in its almost Mediterranean climate and sampling Salt Spring’s best products–whirligigs, goat cheese, and hard cider.  This is a place of privacy, scenery, and  driftwood-littered beaches.

Ferries, boats, and  airplanes are the only ways to get to the Gulf Islands for now and the former can be difficult, especially in summer.  Some of them make a few stops before going to the more remote islands.  The fairs are flexible and reasonable, but the waits to board them might be long.  Some can be booked in advance, and this is an excellent idea.  We were lucky because we went to the Gulf Islands offseason and sought advice before going.  There are 3 ferries to Salt Spring Island.  Most people arrive in Fulford Harbor from Vancouver Island.  Again, we were lucky to book an accommodation on Long Harbor.  We often walked to Scott Point, admiring the views and the arbutus trees on the way there.  We could see the ferry terminal from The Spindrift, and the boat from there took us to The Penders, which were two nearby islands connected by a rustic one-lane bridge.  A ferry from The Penders to the mainland and the city of Vancouver, BC leaves from the Long Harbor terminal.  It can be pre-booked.

Most of the roads on Salt Spring are curvy, hilly, and eventually lead to Ganges Village.  Our first stop after coffee was the island’s visitor center where we learned that the best place to hike is Ruckle Provincial Park, where we had just been.  The best goat cheese is made near Ruckle.  Hikers rave about other provincial parks and reserves, some up difficult roads or with strenuous trails but stunning views.  We also learned at the visitor center that the best source of info about island events, which are considerable and not necessarily summer related, is the Driftwood newspaper.

I don’t suppose that Meghan and Harry will settle on Salt Spring Island, but I can see them finding a home in Vancouver, Toronto or LA.  Harry’s impressive, official name is Henry Charles Albert David of the House of Windsor.  His grandmother made him Duke of Sussex on his wedding day.  I’m wondering if she regrets this now.  I’ve heard a rumor that Meghan has signed a contract with Disney.  Imagine the dollars, if not £s, that her first movie for them will earn!






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