Bad Men

IMG_9202It’s really not hard to find bad men.  I just sat down and started a list.  Within minutes I had 10.  Below are the worst offenders–a world leader, 2 serial killers, and 2 Roman Emperors without even using the name Osama Bin Laden.

Adolph Hitler is on almost all lists of the worst men in history.  Against all odds, one filmmaker, Taika Waititi, chose to treat Hitler as a comic character in Jo Jo Rabbit.  His movie was both entertaining and successful while Hitler, despite his comic persona, remains a killer.  And what a killer Hitler was!  His only competition in world history, in my opinion, is Joseph Stalin.  Hilter’s quest for power and tendency to invade led inexorably to World War II.  During it, he oversaw The Holocaust; but 6 million Jews were not his only victims.  He was also responsible for the deaths of 5 million Romas, Jehovah Witnesses, gay men, and other perceived enemies.  More than 4 million German soldiers and military leaders were either dead or missing after World War II.  Another estimated 635,000 German civilians died in air raids and the like as did 5 million Poles and 26 million Soviets.  The number of those who died because of Hitler is mostly incalculable.

DSC02307The two men who are considered the worst serial killers, John Wayne Gacy and Ted Bundy, are on many Worst Bad Men lists.  Gacy was a sex obsessed maniac who killed at least 33 men and boys.  His alter ego was Pogo the Clown, a creation that allowed Gacy to entertain lots of children and adults in hospitals and at charity events.  Pogo surely inspired many of today’s evil clown characters in movies and books that win best seller status and awards.  Gacy was married twice and had 2 children.   Ted Bundy murdered women and girls.  He reported having dark fantasies.  He confessed to 30 murders and described himself as a cold-hearted son of a bitch and loner.  There were surely more than 30 Bundy victims.  His killing spree began in Oregon and Washington but he moved on to Colorado and Florida to find women and young students to kill.  Their disappearances began in 1974, and Bundy was executed in 1989.  He married and had one daughter.  Due to reasonable discretion, it’s hard to find out what happened to the children of serial killers like Michael Gacy unless they seek attention, write books, etc.

DSC02737The 2 most notoriously bad Roman Emperors were Nero and Caligula.  There were other bad man who ran Rome, but it’s easy to find these 2 the worst.  Nero apparently loved murder and corruption.  It’s hard to document his badness without running into his mother Agrippina.  The 42 facts about him on include–when he was 16, he married his step-sister Octavia, and that’s fact #37!  He surely murdered his step-brother Britannicus by poisoning him when Brit was 13 (fact #32!)  I never made it to number one this time.  Caligula was his equal in evil.  On there are 6 answers to the question, “What is the worst thing Caligula ever did?”  Called the Mad Emperor or Little Boot, Caligula’s behavior is often justified by saying he was a victim of mental illness to explain his cruelty and unpredictable behavior during a 4 year reign.  If you’re looking for cheap thrills, both men are worth finding out about.  A woman named Agrippina, there are both a younger and an elder, is part of Caligula’s story too.  Agrippina the Elder was Caligula’s mom.  Happy Mother’s Day indeed.

See how easy it is to find truly bad men from the past?


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