Life Without Coronavirus?

IMG_2652I don’t know how things are where you are, but my county applied today to enter Phase 3 of a statewide coronavirus recovery plan.  I hope our very challenged Governor, who is still dealing with neighborhood takeovers and looting in Seattle, will go along with this but doubt if Jay Inslee will.  There have been only 29 deaths in Clark County from coronavirus since it arrived, but the news says that there has been a big spike in cases in many states especially affecting young adults who have apparently not social distanced enough.  The fear is that they will recover but infect many others in the process.

DSC04583.jpgIf Phase 3 is allowed, we will be strongly encouraged but not required to stay at home.  Outdoor group recreational sports involving 50 or fewer people can occur.  Best of all, non-essential travel can resume.  During Phase One, restaurants were allowed to remain opened as long as they delivered food to patrons at the door.  Many restaurants declared bankruptcy and closed permanently including a nearby pizza place we liked called Twilight.  In Phase 2 restaurants and bars could operate at 50% capacity as long as no table seated more than 5 people.  If Phase 3 is OKed, restaurants will be able to operate at 75% capacity as long as no table has more than 10 people being served.  Theaters will be permitted to reopen at less than 50% capacity.  That sounds fairly vague, but leaving the actual percentage open to interpretation sounds like a good idea.  Who will be checking anyway?  Government services can resume and libraries and museums can reopen.  It seems as though gatherings of 50 people or fewer will remain the norm.

If we make it to Phase 4 before a vaccine becomes available and effective, which seems unlikely just now, normal public interactions can resume as long as social distancing is honored.  This apparently means that shaking hands and hugging are actions of the past that will never be judged comfortable for us to do again.  Recreational activity can resume including large sporting events, so people will be able to sit side by side again at, say, basketball games.  Will we ever be comfortable doing this again?



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