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London is a city that can drive you nuts if you try to experience everything worth seeing. It’s definitely a city to revisit to discover what you didn’t have the energy for the first time. The first time we went there, we spent most of our time shopping. It was on subsequent visits that we began to understand this city’s other wonders. Ruth & I have experienced all of the attractions just below. We look forward to seeing the ones under them when we return after COVID is conquered. We will probably not have the time to repeat much.

Attractions we have seen and highly recommend.

  1. Fortnum and Mason. This shopping and eating establishment at 181 Piccadilly was established in 1707 and remains a royal treat. Its nickname that’s probably still true is “The Queen’s Grocer”. Dining there is recommended and will not break your travel budget.
  2. The very traditional Green Man Pub in Harrod’s Department Store was the scene of my best travel lesson of all times. Another pub not to miss is the Churchill Arms in Kensington, a 5 minute walk from the Notting Hill Gate Underground Station. The last time we were in London, we ate at the Harwood Arms, the only Michelin rated pub in this city. It’s still functioning somehow in a very traditional pub setting and is highly recommended. If you want to have a drink in London’s oldest pub, you’re on your own.
  3. Kew Gardens. This is no ordinary urban green space. Kew Garden’s other name is the Royal Botanic Gardens, and it is more about research than pretty flowers. You will find 30,000 plants here from all over the world while still admiring pretty flowers in season.
  4. The free Hunterian Museum was one of my favorite places in London and worth repeating. However, it’s currently closed for “a major redevelopment”. It will reopen in 2022 at the Royal College of Surgeons. The closest Underground stop to it is Holborn.
  5. Two of my brother-in-law Don’s favorite London attractions were Little Venice and John Soane’s house. On his recommendation, we went to the Soane’s but never to Little Venice, a series of usable canals from Hyde Park to Warwick Avenue near London’s center. Some boats are tearooms and food purveyors, and there’s a towpath to walk along.
  6. One of my favorite London experiences was walking under the Thames River via the Greenwich Foot Tunnel. When we got to Greenwich, we found 3 major attractions, the Cutty Sark, the National Maritime Museum, and the Royal Observatory. My favorite was the Royal Observatory, but the others were fine too. The Cutty Sark was a very fast 19th century clipper ship that underwent a major restoration after a 2007 fire.
  7. The Sir John Soane’s Museum is eccentric. Soane’s, an important man, died in 1837. He left his house to the nation with an interesting stipulation. It can never be changed. This has led to a house full of surprises. It reopened for 3 days a week on October 1 for those holding a free timed ticket.

There are at least 5 London attractions that Ruth & I have yet to explore. and hope to do so soon.

  1. The John Ritblat Gallery in Kings Cross’ British Library.
  2. Little Venice for a boat rental and towpath walk.
  3. Primrose Hill in a public park that opened in 1842. It’s on the 2nd highest point in London in Camden’s Regent’s Park and is said to offer the best view of all of London.
  4. The Kyoto Garden in 54 acre Holland Park.
  5. And I would like to return to the Soane’s Home in honor of Don and to see more of Soane’s collected treasures.
  6. Everywhere you go in London is near a historic church like St. Pancras Old Church & Garden or a major entertainment venue. Our 2 favorites are The Royal Albert Hall and The Wigmore.

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