“Home” Towns

There are at least 17 towns in the United States with the word home in their names. Many of them are suburbs of larger population centers. All but one of them has a population of more than 1000, but the largest home town is Homestead, FL. Most people, us included, drive through this city of close to 70,000 on their way to Everglades National Park. We had dinner in a Homestead restaurant back in the days when such an activity was OK.

Homewood is 3 miles from Birmingham, AL and the 2nd largest home town. There is lots to do in Birmingham but not much in Homewood where a beer brewing company is the #1 attraction according to Tripadvisor.

Mountain Home, AR is a stand alone community of 12,500 between 2 large lakes. One of them is a popular vacation destination called Bull Shoals. Fishing guide services and another brewing company are big attractions. Ruth’s relatives love Mountain Home, but we have never been there.

Home Gardens is in Riverside County in Southern California. There’s lots to do in nearby Los Angeles. The big attraction in Riverside is the Mission Inn, which both Ruth & I like a lot. Homeland, GA is close to the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge that contains the Stephe Foster State Park. It’s also near the town of Folkston that promotes something called the Funnel Train Viewing Platform. There are many Okefenokee adventures available, but Ruth and I did not go to Homeland when we were in the area in 2019. Homedale, ID is not too far from Boise. There are a few wineries near Homedale, which is not as weird as it sounds. Walla Walla, WA wines are highly desired and not too far away.

There are 2 home towns in the Chicago area. They are Hometown and Homewood. The town of Home Place is in neighboring Indiana, but it’s in the Indianapolis area. This city was once an unlikely car manufacturing superstar. The Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum is there and a much loved attraction.

Orchard Homes, MT is a town of about 5,000 near Missoula, our favorite Montana stop. There’s a home town near Syracuse, NY called Homewood. Pennsylvania is the champion home town state with 4–Homestead, Hometown. Mountainhome and West Homestead. Homestead boasts a Bulgarian Macedonian National Educational and Cultural Center that one reviewer described as “clannish”. Homeland Park, SC has more than 6,000 residents and is a suburb of the town of Anderson that has a Fire Department Museum.

The smallest home town is Hometown, WV. It has fewer than 700 residents and is not too far from Charleston, West Virginia’s capital. While looking for home towns I became aware of a town in Tennessee called Soddy Daisy. Soddy has 2 potential derivations. It comes either from the Cherokee word tsati, which means “sipping place” or from the Welsh word for a trading post. Take your pick. Daisy was Daisy Parks, the daughter of a coal company’s vice president. This is actually a town of about 14,000 north of Chattanooga, a city with a surprising number of viable tourist attractions.


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