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Before COVID, It got Ruth & my attention that People magazine had an article that claimed to list “The Best Sandwich in Every State”. This sounds like an impossible undertaking, but Madison Roberts seems to have at least succeeded in feeding travelers well and rather inexpensively on the road as long as readers like sandwiches as their main meal of the day. Ruth and I were on a long road trip at the time the list appeared, so it seemed like a good idea to sample as many sandwiches as we could. We are now up to 12 tasted of the 50 described and don’t expect to sample them all. The 3 best sandwiches were in Montana, Missouri, and Louisiana. The worst was in Georgia. Madison claimed to have “teamed up with online restaurant guide the Infatuation to find the country’s most epic meals on sliced bread.” She and her team largely succeeded.

On the trip we just completed, we added Deli Towne USA to our done list. Its sandwich would be in the high end category. Ruth especially liked hers but complained about the high cost of Deli Towne’s drinks. We did not have drinks with our sandwiches, and I pointed out to Ruth that the beverages were about what you would pay if you had a gourmet sandwich anywhere in the USA in a similar setting. However, Deli Towne’s setting is rather unique.

Deli Towne is in a Chevron gas station in Reno, Nevada. It’s a very popular idea to fill your gas tank in this neighborhood station about 2 miles east of downtown and then sit on the patio eating a sandwich that you bought in a typical convenience store. Ruth had a Black Forest ham sandwich on a grilled roll with cheddar and cream cheeses, jalapenos, mayo, and tomatoes. I had a very similar sandwich without the cheeses and ate the pickle that came with the order. Deli Towne sandwiches can be built from a customer-given list of breads, cheeses, meats, and toppings. Six items including bacon result in extra charges. Sandwiches come in 4 sizes: mini, small, medium, and monster. We ordered small in the early afternoon and needed no additional food for the rest of the day. I can’t imagine how large the monster is. The woman who took our order called what Ruth had a Hot Ham and Cheese, and I suspect that this is their best seller. We ate on Deli Towne’s patio. There are a few parking spaces in Deli Towne’s front for those who just shop the convenience store and/or order a sandwich.

On to Pretty Bird Chicken in Salt Lake City and, perhaps, Salvaggio’s Deli, which has several locations in Colorado. Hopefully their “hot #3 Cheesesteak sandwich” can be sampled in Denver and other Colorado towns. Both sandwich oriented dining establishments seem like likely places to eat on our mid-summer trip.


PS The bush below was seen on our walk to urban Deli Towne. Ruth, who gardens faithfully, could not identify it.

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