Towns Named New Castle

There are at least 10 towns in the United States named New Castle that I find odd because we have never been a nation of castle builders. They are a disparate group of towns too.

New Castle, Colorado, is a town of close to 5,000 people not too far from the center of the state and Glenwood Springs. Ruth and I tend to go through it every summer. It has a notorious history because of mine disasters. New Castle has been the scene of 2 of Colorado’s worst coal mine explosions. Coal has been historically used to process silver, which led to the 2 explosions. New Castle has also been the scene of one of Colorado’s most serious train collisions.

New Castle, Indiana, is home to the largest high school gym in the world and 18,000 people. It’s east of Indianapolis.

New Castle, Delaware, is a town of 5,000 south of Wilmington. This is our President’s adopted home but not his birth state. There is also a New Castle County in Delaware, which has only 3 counties totally. New Castle County is Delaware’s largest. To my knowledge there is no European-style castle in this small state.

New Castle, Kentucky, is a small town of fewer than 1,000 people not too far from Louisville. It’s a County Seat, but it’s in Henry County. New Castle is one of the oldest communities in the state of Kentucky. It’s not known for European-style castles.

There is a small town called New Castle in the small state of New Hampshire. It’s about the size of Kentucky’s New Castle and New Hampshire’s most eastern town. It is one of the few population centers in existence that is entirely on islands. It has quite a vivid history.

The Newcastle in Oklahoma is the first of the towns with this name that spells it as one word. Newcastle is just south of Oklahoma City. Its first post master was shot in a fencing dispute. It has been hit by a few tornados. It was named for Newcastle, Texas, so there are more towns named Newcastle around the United States.

New Castle, Pennsylvania, is north of Pittsburgh but closer to Youngstown, Ohio. It is said to be the “hot dog capital of the world” and the fireworks capital of the United States”. It was named for Newcastle upon Tyne, an industrial town in England where there are lots of castles.

Newcastle, Virginia, is a town of fewer than 200 people in the Blue Ridge Mountains north of Roanoke.

Newcastle, Washington, is in the Seattle area. It’s south of Bellevue and east of Mercer Island where Bill Gates used to live. It’s a very old community of about 12,000. Its economy was historically based on coal and timber, and it is known today for its golf courses not its castles. It too was named after Newcastle Upon Tyne, England.

I find the last Newcastle the most interesting. It’s a town in eastern Wyoming, a state certainly not known for its castles or its big towns. It’s a smallish town on the southwest edge of South Dakota’s Black Hills and is a county seat of about 3,500 people. It has a downtown district with some buildings on the National Register of Historic Places. It too was a coal-mining town way back when coal was king.


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