Paradise and Utopia

According to records there are 44 places called Paradise in the world and there are 6 towns named Utopia, which is a synonym for Paradise. This is a questionable assumption at best. The Utopia in Kansas is said to be a ghost town like yesterday’s Bannack. Ohio’s Utopia is also said to be a ghost town. That leaves only about 3,700 people living in places truly called Utopia, as long as you consider renamed Oakbrook Terrace in the Chicago area one of them. There are towns named Utopia in Texas, Florida, and Illinois. There are, however, far more Paradises in the world.

The largest town named Paradise is still in California. A few years ago a major fire called Camp took out what was the largest Paradise in the world. About 27,000 people lived there. Well, 6,000 of them like the area and either have rebuilt to stay or are rebuilding. There is a Paradise Valley in the Phoenix area too. More than 13,000 people live there and plan to stay, making it the 2nd largest town with the name Paradise. Most would agree that the Paradises once in Oregon and Kentucky are now ghost towns. The true towns named Paradise today are, therefore, either unincorporated or have people living in them in Texas, Pennsylvania, Montana, and Kansas. The Paradise that I can’t find on any map but I hope exists is in Newfoundland. Another is in Victoria, Australia, but it may not exist as a true town. I’d have to go there to check, and I volunteer for that duty but not at the exact present time as Ruth and I are getting ready to travel to other places.

There are a surprising number of Uticas in the world, and this town name has an interesting background. However, I must save it for another day. That’s true of Portland too. There are a huge number of Portlands out there.


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