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This town name didn’t start off promising, but it got so interesting that I decided to include it anyway. There are supposedly 24 towns named Fulton in the United States. Robert Fulton did not invent the steamboat as reported. That was James Watt. Fulton, however, made travel by steamboat a reality. He was an engineer and inventor who made the first commercially successful steamboats. In 1800 he was commissioned by Napoleon Bonaparte to develop the world’s first submarine, which he did with a means of transport called The Nautilus, the world’s first submarine. Fulton died at the age of 49 and was buried in New York, not in Lancaster, PA, where he had been born and worked.

So are there 24 towns named Fulton out there? Yes, there are. However, most of them are tiny and have not thrived. However, there are 7 Fulton’s that are fairly large today and about 38,000 people live in a town named Fulton. The largest Fulton is in the state of Missouri. It is a town near the main campus of the University of Missouri in Columbia, which has quite a positive reputation. Winston Churchill’s famous Iron Curtain speech was delivered by him in Fulton, MO, at a college. Its name is Westminster. There is a better than average museum about Churchill in this town of about 13,000 people that Ruth and I have been to. Churchill developed into quite a painter, and this is the only place I have seen his works on display. I also saw some of his pipes there. Robert Fulton has been honored in books, sculptures, and on postage stamps. After he built the first submarine for Napoleon, he developed some torpedoes.

Winston Churchill portrait from British money – five pounds

Most but not all of the towns named Fulton were named for this inventor and developer of the steamboat, one of the most important inventions in human history. For example, there’s a town named Fultondale is Alabama. It was not named for Robert Fulton. It began as a mining town, and 2 places joined together to name it. They were Fulton Springs and Glendale. The Fulton in Illinois was named for Robert Fulton, but the Fulton in California was named for Tom and James , the town’s founders. The Fulton in Arkansas was named for a former Governor. There are 8 counties in the US named Fulton. Seven of them were named for Robert Fulton, but the lone exception is the county in Arkansas that was not named to honor him.

For the record, the 6 viable towns named Fulton that still exist and are doing well are in Mississippi, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, New York, and Texas. Fulton, New York, is a town of about 12,000 people northwest of Syracuse and not near where he died. Fulton died in New York City. Fulton, Texas, is a small town northeast of Corpus Christi.

US postage stamp: Winston Churchill (1874 – 1965) British Conservative politician.


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