Towns Named Centerville, Jamestown, and Jerusalem

There are many towns named Centerville in America. This has clearly been a very popular name for towns. They are mostly on my maps and most are unincorporated, as in very small. They are in 42 of the 50 states including Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, and Missouri. There are Centervilles in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Utah, Texas, Wisconsin, West Virginia, and Washington, and not all of them spell their names Centerville. The problem is that there are lots of Centervilles who spell their name Centreville. There are also lots of towns named just plain Center. There are at least 17 of these, and many Centers are in states with Centervilles, which complicates things. There is also at least one Center that spells its name Centre as if it’s in France. There is a Centre in Alabama of all places. There is more than one Centerville in some states. There are at least 3 in Texas, and one of them has become a ghost town. Many of the Centervilles are described as cities. I have never heard of a city in The United States with this name, so the word “city” can be misleading.

There are Centrevilles in such states as Alabama, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, and Mississippi. Someone in Arkansas thought it was a fine idea to name their town Centerton. But my favorite is the wag in New Hampshire who named his or her town Center Harbor.

There are 17 towns in America named Center. Center, TX has a population of more than 5,000 people. It is near the Louisiana border and southwest of Shreveport. Center, PA has a population of 11,600, is in the Pittsburgh area, and has 2 colleges. Center, North Dakota, says, “The rest of the world is OK, but it’s better in Center.” The town of Center, Nebraska, has a population of about 70, but the town of Center, Indiana, a suburb of Kokomo, has a population of 45,000. The town of Centre, Alabama, has 3,500 people living in it, and the Cherokee people once lived in the area so many Native Americans still live in Alabama. There was a Cherokee chief named Pathkiller who once lived near the current town of Centreville. All in all, there are still too many Centervilles around.

There are said to be 30 towns in America named Jamestown. The first permanent English settlement in North America was named Jamestown, and it was named to honor James I, King of England. He and Elizabeth I were cousins. She left no heirs to the throne so he became King James I during Shakespeare’s time. The largest Jamestown in America is the city in New York State where Lucille Ball was born. It has a population today of 31,000 people. The 2nd largest Jamestown in the United States is a city of more than 15,000 residents in North Dakota, There is a Jamestown in tiny Rhode Island, and there are Jamestowns in California, Ohio, and North Carolina.

There are 18 towns named Bethlehem in the United States. This biblical town where Jesus was born was once very popular as a town name. Most of them are now very small and unincorporated, but they are still on maps. The Bethlehem in Ohio became a ghost town after 1895. The Bethlehem in Pennsylvania is now the largest town with this name. Ruth and I have been there not too long ago. It is now an especially religious community.


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