Towns Named Dallas

There are 14 Towns named Dallas in America. Few of them are named after the city in Texas. In fact, only one town has been named after the Dallas in Texas that I know about.

The first Dallas in America is in Wisconsin. It’s a town of about 357 people in Barron County. It was named after a US Vice President, George Mifflin Dallas. He was the 11th Vice President who ended his term in 1849. It chief attraction is a pioneer village with 28 historic buildings. It’s on the map north of Eau Claire.

There is a Dallas in West Virginia. It’s an unincorporated community not too far from Wheeling and on most maps. It was named for an early settler and has a population of 425 people.

The main Dallas is the city in Texas. It was named either after the vice president or for Joseph Dallas, an early settler in the area. There is a village in Scotland named Dallas. Dallas is a big city with a population of 2.288 million.

The Dallas in Pennsylvania has 2,600 plus people living in it. It was named for Alexander J, Dallas. He was the 6th Secretary of the Treasury in the United States. It’s in Luzerne County in the northeastern part of the state.

The Dallas in Oregon has about 17,000 people living there. It’s west of Salem, Oregon’s capital. It was named for the former vice president George Mifflin, who must have been a dynamic VP.

Dallas, North Carolina has about 5.000 living in it. It was yet another town named for the Vice President.

The Dallas in Missouri is also a county and is near where Ruth once visited her grandparents near the town of Buffalo. It was named for a buffalo skull landmark erected in 1833 by Mark Reynolds, the first settler in Dallas.

There is a Dallas in Maine. It’s a minor town of less than 300 people. It began as a plantation that grew into a populated place.

The Dallas in Georgia is a large town of almost 12,000 people that was named for the Vice President, George Mifflin Dallas. It is almost a suburb of Atlanta.

There are 4 more Dallasses, but the most interesting to me is the small town in Colorado in mountainous Ouray County. It was named for a former Vice President named Dallas, George M. that is, the illustrious 18th century Vice President mentioned several times above. This town was once a stagecoach stop that completely went out of business long ago. It slowly went away when the town of Ridgeway happened.

The other 3 Dallasses are in Florida, Arkansas, and Alabama. Only the Dallas in Alabama is mapped by Rand McNally, but the other 2 surely exist as small towns. The Arkansas Dallas is in Polk County and the Florida Dallas is in Marion County. There is also a Dallas County in Arkansas, but the unincorporated town of Dallas isn’t in it. There is a Dallas Center in Iowa and a Dallas City in Illinois. They have a combined population of about 2,500 people and both are mapped. There are said to be 6 international Dallasses with one each in England and Canada.

So at least 6 of the towns named Dallas above were named for a former vice president of the United States who is not well known.


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