Town Names Beginning With Z

There aren’t many states with towns whose name begins with a Z. In fact, you have to go alphabetically all the way to Florida to find one. Florida has 3 towns beginning with Z: Zellwood, Zephyrhills, and Zolfo Springs. I have no idea why Florida is the first state listed with 3 Z towns. Perhaps it has to do with Florida’s aging population and the last letter of the alphabet. There is, after all, a town called Old Town in this state. In any event, many states that follow Florida have zero towns starting with Z. Below are 10 community names that begin with Z. Zion used to be a popular town name, but not so much now. There are fewer towns named Zion around although Zionsville remains somewhat popular. I can’t imagine why Zion as a town name has become far less common. Perhaps it has to do with its meaning. Zion is either a hill in Jerusalem or the kingdom of heaven by definition. There are still 18 Zions in America, but all of them are east of the Mississippi River for some reason.

Below are 10 names of existing Z towns and their location. Zellwood, FL is deep in the Orlando area in this southern state known for its hurricanes. The other 2 Z towns are in the Tampa and Sarasota areas. The population of Zellwood is said to be 2,817.

There is a town called Zebulon in Georgia. It is south of Atlanta and its name means “a traditional boy’s name of note and a dwelling of honor”. Zebulon used to be more popular for the name of a town than it is today. 1,174 Georgians live in Zebulon, which remains a stand alone community.

There is a Zeigler, IL. This sounds like a family name. There is also a large Zion still in Illinois in what seems to be Central Chicago, which figures given the meaning of Zion. About 1,800 people reside in Zeigler.

There is a Zionsville in Indiana in the Indianapolis area.

A Zachary remains in the Baton Rouge area of Louisiana. This sounds like a family name to me.

There is a popular town in Michigan called Zeeland. It is in the Holland area and is known as a tourist destination of considerable import.

Minnesota has a town named Zumbrota. It is north of Rochester where the famed Mayo Clinic is, and Zumbrota has a population of 3,252 people. Minnesota also has a town named Zimmerman.

Nevada has a town called Zepher Grove in the area of Lake Tahoe.

One of the larger communities that begins with a Z is in Ohio. Zanesville is the name of this city and it was named for a man called Ebenezer. Zane Grey, the western writer, was born in Zanesville, and Amelia Earhart, a noted aviator, called it the most recognizable city in the USA because its bridge served as her regular navigational aid. Zanesville, a town that had an exotic animal tragedy, is home to about 25,300 Ohioans.

And finally, the state of Washington, my state, has a town that begins with a Z. It is Zillah and it’s near Toppenish where Ruth and I just recently visited the fantastic Yakama Nation Cultural Center and learned that this native group now owns half of Mount Adams, an important Cascade peak more than 12,000 feet tall.


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