Towns Named Boston

There are said to be 16 Bostons in America. This stands to reason. As people abandoned the first cities in America to live near the expanding frontier, there was a tendency to name their new town after the city they had left. That’s why there are 24 Philadelphias and 14 New Yorks in the USA. Internationally, there are a lot of New Londons around, like the one in Connecticut. Over time some of these new towns became incorporated into larger towns or became stand alone communities. This now accounts for the Boston section of the brilliantly named town of Brilliant, AL. This is why the town of 1,300 people who live in southern Georgia still live in a town named Boston that is a stand-alone community.

The only town named Boston that I could not find on a map is Boston, AZ. Oh, there once was a Boston-Arizona zinc mine in Yavapai County in that state. And I’m sure that a town named Boston was nearby, but the mine closed in 1952 and the town was probably abandoned.

There is still an independent community called Boston in the New England state of Connecticut, but it’s now near a town called Redding and is actually part of it. There are still very small towns named Boston in Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Missouri. However, the Missouri Boston in Barton County is called New Boston and is quite small.

There are larger towns named Boston in Michigan, New York, Ohio, and Virginia. Almost 20,000 Americans live in these 4, but the Boston in Michigan is near the town of Hell, is not too far from Ann Arbor and is preceded by the word “New”, the Ohio Boston is officially called Boston Heights, and the Virginia Boston is preceded by the word “South”. Of course, the largest Boston in America is the city in Massachusetts that is roughly home to 672,0000 people. It still exist too. The Boston near Franklin, TN is in the Nashville area.

The Boston in Pennsylvania is so small that it is routinely called Little Boston to distinguish it from the city in Massachusetts. The Boston in the state of Texas is also preceded by the word New and is home to 4,600 Texans.


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