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If you want chocolate but do not want to spend a fortune and are in Denver, go to Enstroms Candies, Inc. at 201 University Blvd. I wrote about this old candy company based in Grand Junction the last time I was in this area and am happy to report chocolate delirium as a result. It is excellent chocolate and an expansive company. You can satisfy your ice cream cravings there too. If you want just candy for all ages go to Hammond’s Candies Since1920 in the same city and you will be well-satisfied. Both are recommended in the Official Visitor’s Guide to Denver that I picked up while at a motel. But if you crave the ultimate chocolate experience, try Cioccolatier. As a result of going there you will be satisfied but worth less. We made it to 3 places that sell their decadent chocolates. It’s owners, Silvia Valentoni and Ronald Peach, are both Brazilians who moved here from Sao Paulo five years ago.

Both of Cioccolatier’s owners are gourmet candy makers and super talented in that regard. Behind their creations at Park Meadows is a phrase that reminds you that their products are not in any way cheap is the phrase, “The Taste of the Real Chocolate”. This is as close to the truth as any words can be. Both of the owners have Italians in their family that have inspired their efforts. They opened their first genuine retail establishment in the Denver suburb of Lone Tree in the Park Meadows Mall recently. In fact, it opened in August 2022. These owners only get their basic chocolate from farms in Brazil. That’s why you can taste Brazilian chocolate masterpieces like Brigaderio and Italian specialties like marzipans and pralines in their shop. They are called the world’s best chocolates by me without reservations, and they are making the best candy in the world.

After avoiding chocolate treats for years, I personally sampled an Endangered Species chocolate bar that was 88% chocolate and fell in love all over again. I have now eaten many of these bars and have truly enjoyed the sweetness and the taste of real chocolate again, especially during travel. One of the most intense chocolates that Cioccolatier sells is a 73% cocoa bar with cocoa nibs that rivals my admitted treat. Peach reports that people say that they do not like the bitterness of dark chocolate when they have not tasted chocolate like Cioccolatier’s that is anything but bitter. A master chocolatier like Peach gets the basic bitterness out of Brazilian chocolate, any chocolate.

After visiting Park Meadows, we went in search of Valentoni and Peach’s delightful chocolates and met with frustration. We went to 300 Josephine Street in Denver’s Cherry Creek and found it closed for the day and parking difficult. Chocolate needs unmet, we headed for the Denver Central Market in RiNo at 2669 Larimer Street near one of Denver’s prime tourist areas and found a cheaper line of Cioccolatier products to indulge in a Temper Chocolate Shop that had lots of business and a candy kitchen. I highly recommend the waffle bar below.

These were definitely decadent experiences, and I must and will go back to try the antique Marzipan seen just below and based on a secret Italian recipe via Brazil. A combination of almond, sugar, Brazilian chocolate, and rose water, this marzipan takes 3 days to make and the result is slathered with edible paint.

Go and enjoy Denver, this rare chocolatier, and their best selling Salted Caramel.


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