Aspen-Worthwhile but $$$

“Aspen lodge managers and stakeholders…are ‘generally unenthusiastic’ about the idea of building a moderate-priced hotel in the area….” says the Aspen Times today. No surprise there.

Aspen is an expensive destination. It’s official vacation planner lists more than a dozen Luxury accommodations like the Hyatt Grand Aspen & only 5 Economy with 3 of them exclusively so. Ruth & I are staying in one and spending over $200 a night. The Little Nell is perceived as #1by many, and a room there starts at $765 per night up to over $3000.

Of course, we’re here at the end of one of two high tourist seasons. The other involves skiing. We’d pay less in, say, October. And we could stay up in Snowmass as many do.

You’d have to drive many miles to stay in a usually reasonably priced chain.
There are a couple between here and Glenwood Springs.

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