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Towns Named Arcadia

There are said to be 25 towns named Arcadia in the United States and 43 places in the world with this name. Like Utopia and Zion, many of the towns named Arcadia are now very small. There are fewer than a dozen that really still qualify as towns, and many have been absorbed into larger communities like the Arcadia in Maryland that is now part of Baltimore and the Texas Arcadia that is now a neighborhood in Galveston.

I can see why Arcadia was once considered an attractive name for a town because it brings to mind a community of harmony with nature. This name calls forth a scene of simple pleasures and genuine quiet. This name harks back to Greece where Arcadia is an ancient mountain and a fixture in Greek Mythology. I can also see why it is no longer a desirable name for a new town.

There are many Arcadias scattered throughout the world. I have found at least two in Australia and a tiny Arcadia in Canada’s Nova Scotia. The largest Arcadia is a community in Southern Californian where almost 60,000 people live. There are also fairly large towns named Arcadia in South Carolina, Wisconsin, and Louisiana.

The Arcadia in Iowa is now a town of fewer than 1,000 people west of much larger but still unimpressive Carroll, which has 10,000 citizens and is at least the name of an Iowa county. “Arcadia, IA is not too far from Denison that is trying to survive with a heritage museum devoted to a local actress who went to Hollywood and later had a career in TV named Donna Reed. I wonder how Winterset, IA is doing with its museum devoted to once western star John Wayne. I used to be friends with a man from Iowa who was related to D. W. Griffith , who had a major career in films after directing Birth of a Nation and became the very first Hollywood director. He used to spend a lot of time around Spirit Lake, Iowa’s only large natural lake. Other folks came from Iowa and went on to fame and fortune in Hollywood. The Field of Dreams is in Iowa.

Some of the more interesting Arcadias include the tiny town in tiny Rhode Island that still exists. The tiny town of Arcadia, OK is 15 miles north of Oklahoma City. The town of Arcadia, WI near La Crosse is a majority-Hispanic community and the largest town in its county with about 4,000 people.


Towns Named Farmington

There are plenty of towns named Farmington in the United States. I can find most of the 26 places named Farmington in this country. The one in New Mexico appears to be the largest Farmington around. Its population is nearing 46,000. The community was originally home to the Anasazi “basketmakers” about 2,000 years ago. The Navajo, Apache and Ute Native Americans soon followed them into the region. Spaniards began to settle in the area during the early 1800s. It was officially incorporated as a viable community in 1901. I have been there but do not especially recommend going.

Farmington, AR appears to be a lively town near Fayetteville in the growing Bentonville area. Almost 6,000 people live there now.

There appears to be a Farmington in California. It’s in San Joaquin County and has a population under 200.

There’s a fairly large Farmington in the state of Connecticut. It’s near Hartford and 3,000 people reside there. Delaware is a small state with only 3 counties. It has a town named Farmington not too far from Milford south of Dover. It seems small like its state.

There’s a Farmington in Kentucky near Mayfield. Again, it seems incredibly small. There’s a fairly big town named Farmington in Illinois near Peoria.

There are Farmingtons in Maine, Indiana, Iowa, and Michigan. Strange, but true, Peter Hall, a Farmington native, visited all 26 communities named Farmington. It became his personal bucket list. The largest of these is now the one in Michigan in the Detroit area. It’s called Farmington but is better known as Farmington Hills. What a strange bucket list!

There’s a big Farmington in Minnesota with 21,000 people living there. It’s south of Minneapolis. There’s a much smaller Farmington in northern Mississippi east of Corinth. Missouri boasts one of the larger Farmingtons, a town of more than 16,000 Missourians one of whom is Ruth’s First Cousin Don.

The small state of New Hampshire has a fairly large town named Farmington with almost 4,000 people living in it. It’s not too far from Concord.

There are Farmingtons in New York near Rochester, a Farmington in North Carolina, and a fairly large Farmington in Utah near the Great Salt Lake.

There are Farmingtons in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Oregon, but they are all quite small. That’s more than 20 of the 26 Farmington’s, which seems to be a popular name for a town. I can understand why so many farmers want to live in a town named Farmington. Eating well is pretty important to most Americans.


Towns Named Cottonwood

There are at least 16 towns named Cottonwood in the United States of America. There are 2 fairly large towns named Cottonwood, and both are suburbs of large cities. Cottonwood Height which is part of Salt Lake City, Utah, has a population of more than 33,000 and Cottonwood, Arizona, is home to more than 11,000 people.

There are towns named Cottonwood in at least 14 other places. The 3rd largest Cottonwood is a town in California south of Redding with a population of more than 3,000. There are Cottonwoods in Alabama, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, and Minnesota. Texas has a small town named Cotton Flats, and Kansas has Cottonwood Falls, a town of fewer than 1,000 people. There is even a Cottonwood in the state of Alaska, and a tiny town named Cottonwood is in the north eastern corner of Louisiana.

There used to be more than a dozen towns in New Mexico called Cottonwood because of its Spanish heritage. Water is commonly found where Cottonwood trees abound. Alamo is the Spanish word for cottonwood. No towns now exists in New Mexico with the name Cottonwood. The last one has become a ghost town. The Cottonwood town in South Dakota is said to be down to a population of one.

The very common Eastern Cottonwood tree has a leaf that trembles in the slightest breeze. They’re members of the poplar family. They are known for rapid growth and act as wind breaks. Natives used all parts of the Cottonwood and employed them as trail markers.


Towns Named Concord

The experts say that there are 31 towns named Concord in the USA. That is probably true but most of them are very small. You can basically eliminate 14 of them right away from consideration as significant towns because they have populations of less than 1,000 people. Concord, NB, for example, has a population under 200. An exception to this is Concord Park, FL, which has a population nearing 100,000 because it’s in growing Florida. Concord, ID has become a ghost town. The Concord in California is the largest Concord in the country. It’s in the Bay Area and has a population exceeding 122,000. Basically a bedroom community, Concord has 2 amusements parks.

You would think that having such a name would imply harmony. The first Concord was the town in Massachusetts that had notoriety during the American Revolution. Louisa May Alcott wrote Little Women in this Concord. There are still several Concords in New England like the one in New Hampshire that today has more than 43,000 residents, but a focus on this word now would tell you that it derives from an Algonquin native word meaning “grassy plain”.

The larger Concords are towns, neighborhoods, and suburbs in Alabama, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wisconsin. As you can clearly see, there are many towns named Concord. The town in Massachusetts that began it all now has a population of 5,000 and is a serious tourist destination.

To the Concords in the United States, you might add the number of Concordias that have developed. I assume that they have come from the same roots. Missouri is unusual in that it has both a Concord and a Concordia. I have gone through Concordia many times. It’ s a hilly town on I-70 between Kansas City and St. Louis. The Concordia in Louisiana turned out to be an entire parish of 21,000 people across the Mississippi River from Natchez, MS.


Towns Named Davenport

They’re aren’t so manly towns in the world with the name Davenport, but it is a common and very popular surname. It is estimated that more than 57,000 people call themselves Davenports.

The largest Davenport in the United States is in its Midwest, but the largest Davenport in the world is a town in England that is part of the city of Manchester. About 15,000 people live there. The largest Davenport in the United States is a city of about 10,000 in southern Iowa. It is one of the Quad Cities. Rock Island, Moline, and Bettendorf are the other 3 communities that form the quad. Rock Island is larger than Davenport. I used to spend a lot of time in both in the spring because they were fairly close to where I lived. I liked to visit Davenport’s Figge Museum in its downtown and eat at Bishop’s Buffet and then go to Chicago to see my brother. The Rock Island Arsenal Museum is also a big Midwestern lure. A very old military facility, it is on an island in the Mississippi River and a very historical place worth a couple of hours of exploring.

About 20,000 people live in towns named Davenport. George Davenport who was born George King named Davenport IA. He was not a mover and shaker. The larger Davenports are in the states of Washington, New York, and Florida. There are smaller towns named Davenport in Oklahoma, Nebraska, and California. There were no famous Davenports for which many Davenport towns were named. The Oklahoma family for which the town in that state was named were major cotton gin owners.

For some unknown reason many hotels have been named Davenport. There are Davenport hotels in Dublin, Ireland, Michigan, and I have written about the fantastic Davenport Hotel in Spokane, WA, which has a circus room and a fine restaurant. There is a Davenport University, a Davenport rock band, and, of course, some sofas are called Davenports.