Leaving Edinburgh

I visited another Scottish movie set and discovered yet another sensational attraction–Rosslyn Chapel. The final scene of The DaVinci Code was filmed here. As a result of the book and subsequent movie, visitors increased from 30,000 a year to 30,000 a month.

Dating from the early 16th century, Rosslyn has always been a teaching church. Its elaborate stone carvings, for example, illustrated morality lessons for non-readers before the printing press was invented.

Mysteries abound. Why are greed and charity swapped in The Seven Deadly Sins? Is that really the master carver staring down from the ceiling and
forever doomed to face the pillar that turned him into a murderer? Why is this Latin inscription prominently featured? “Wine is strong, the king is stronger, women are stronger, but the truth conquers all.”

Today we head south with Scotland in the rear view mirror.


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