The Skyscraper Race

I heard from my friends at Emporis in Hamburg, Germany, this morning and the United States is falling way behind.

The tallest building in the world has been proposed in Changsa, China. Appropriately named Sky City, its construction has been halted, perhaps temporarily. If it starts up again, the plan is to build it in only 10 months. This is only one of 7 record-challenging skyscrapers announced in China.

Another in that category is Saudi Arabia’s Kingdom Tower. To be completed in 2018, It reportedly will be the 1st building in the world to be taller than 1000 meters. For the metric-challenged that’s 3,281 feet, more than half a mile of vertical thrust.

You might be saying, “Hey! What about NYC’s One World Trade Center?”. It’s not a major player at 1,775 feet. In fact, the US will soon have no skyscraper in the top 10.


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