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Moving Forward, Getting Nowhere Part I

Moving Forward, Getting Nowhere
If you haven’t read The Odyssey, the Greek classic attributed to blind poet Homer, you can simply read Moving Forward, Getting Nowhere, Part 1 as a contemporary adventure story about a 21st century outlier named Deus. If you’ve read Homer’s action-packed story about a heroic Greek outlier, a Cyclops, and Sirens, you’ll quickly realize that all of the characters in this re-telling are based on Homer’s colorful cast as are all of the situations. Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers defines them as “those people whose achievements fall outside normal experience.” Vladimir Putin–KGB worker, sportsman, mayor’s deputy, black belt, President of Russia—qualifies. Entertainment Weekly calls Mindy Kaling a multitalented multitasker. In Peter Ackroyd’s The Death of King Arthur, the King says about Tristram, “You bear the palm for hunting and for blowing of the horn; you are skilled in hawking; and you are the best of musicians.” Add Odysseus and Deus.

Alone Near Alice

Traveling in Australia On their second trip to Australia, Ruth and Harold met a couple during a Great Barrier Reef cruise. They and their children eventually became great friends. Lynette and Rob had lived in Washington, DC and had traveled all over the world, but they had never been to the Outback. So when the opportunity to explore it under the sponsorship of the highly respected National Trust appeared, they seized the chance and invited the Harbaughs along. The almost three week journey involved one widely traveled American couple, 14 reserved Aussies, and a driver named Dave. Together they explored deserted telegraph stations, hidden water holes, and compelling Outback attractions rarely seen by outsiders. The well educated Australians aboard were expecting a university scholar to conduct this 8,000 mile circle that included 5 of the 7 Australian States and 1 Territory, but they ended up with Dave, a mate whose favorites subjects were beer, fishing, and lame, politically incorrect jokes.

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